Why You Should Pair Your Burger With Citrusy Cocktails –

The reason the pop of a citrus-fruit cocktail pairs so well with a heavy burger boils down to juxtaposition. Stewart asserts that a citrus-forward cocktail “would cut and complement the salt and fat from a burger.” But citrus isn’t the only way to go. If you’ve ordered a fast food feast but only have a few bottles of wine lying around, there are plenty of wine-and-fast food combinations that can take your meal to the next level. A few fast food restaurants are even licensed to serve alcohol on their premises. Shake Shack is just one example: It offers its own Shackmeister Ale in case you need something to wash down your burger and fries.

So, the next time you’re looking for a drink to pair with a hamburger, consider citrus your go-to option. A refreshing splash of lemon, lime, or orange (with the alluring sting of alcohol, of course) will effortlessly enhance your hot-off-the-grill experience. Have a few homemade or canned cocktails on hand to swig in between bites, and enjoy the paradise that is a perfect food-and-drink combo.