Why You Really, Really Shouldn’t Cheap Out On Baking Ingredients –

Flores emphasizes that it’s not just about buying premium ingredients every time, saying, “It’s not just about the price — it has to be the right product. The right flour might not be the most expensive, but if a specific type is noted in the recipe, that should be followed.” However, price can determine the quality of a certain ingredient. The chef adds, “Like if a recipe calls for 70% chocolate, you might just find what you have in the pantry. But if you’re trying to take it to the next level, using that specific type matters.” More expensive cocoa powder prices, for example, correlate with higher quality beans with higher fat percentages, which leads to a richer flavor.

Flores concludes, “You can try different things, but if you have a recipe you know works, pay attention to the little details and take the time to source the proper ingredients because that makes a big difference.”