Why Peppermint Patties Are Superior To Candy Canes –

At its core, the candy cane is simply sugar and peppermint oil. That’s great and does the trick, but quite frankly, it is a little boring. Peppermint patties go further and combine soft mint candy and chocolate. It is hard to compete when chocolate gets involved as mint and chocolate are a natural pair. Look at all the delicious treats out there that combine the two flavors: peppermint bark, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and, of course, peppermint patties.

Neither treat’s ingredient list is particularly long. Spangler Candy Canes, for example, are a simple mix of sugar, corn syrup, colors, and flavorants. When cooked together, this creates hard sugar candy. York Peppermint Patties are a bit more involved and combine sugar, corn syrup, chocolate, cocoa, milk, egg whites, and peppermint oil, along with a few other items. The result is a more cookie-like treat that, crucially, is covered in chocolate. 

It is hard to get past candy canes’ lack of chocolate. With chocolate, peppermint patties give the people what they want. Think of mole, while even foods like chili are majorly upgraded with the addition of rich, complex cocoa. We are lucky to live in a time when many of us have access to such global ingredients to create delicious combinations, something that wasn’t available when candy canes were first invented.