Why Martha Stewart Isn’t A Fan Of Tea-Based Cocktails – Exclusive

Of course, it wouldn’t be Martha Stewart if she didn’t have rigorous standards for tea. Stewart is a lifelong tea drinker. She started drinking tea with her mother as a child. Now, she won’t drink any tea that comes in a bag. “I buy loose tea and I use a nice stainless steel strainer or a little silver tea bowl to brew my tea.” A good balance of sweetness is also one of the hallmarks of Stewart’s tea preferences. “I don’t like a lot of sugar, except in sugary cakes,” she said regarding sweet tea.

However, even the venerated Martha Stewart sometimes likes to take a break and have something she can grab and drink. For her, that is Pure Leaf. “I love the flavor of the Pure Leaf. We love the unsweetened Pure Leaf tea, especially.” According to Stewart, Pure Leaf does not use bagged tea and only uses high-quality leaves, thus earning them a rare non-homemade spot in her kitchen. 

For more information about the Pure Leaf x Martha Stewart “Don’t Do It Yourself” tea kit, visit pureleaf.com/ddiy.