Why David Rose Wants You To Make A Deconstructed Beef Wellington Instead Of The Real Thing – Exclusive

First, you are going to grab a Chateaubriand steak, roast it, sear it, and put the duxelles (mushrooms sautéed with seasonings) on the side. David Rose told , “If you want to take it a step further, maybe do little circles where you’re doing individual circles of puff pastry, then compile and build their own beef Wellington, as opposed to slathering it with the duxelles, wrapping with the puff pastry and say, ‘It’s deconstructed beef Wellington.'” 

It’ll likely cut the time in half and is a wonderful option for a dinner party or elevated appetizer (especially for special occasions). Freshly ground pepper and thyme are two of the seasonings normally used to enhance the flavor. Once you perfect the deconstructed beef Wellington, there’s nothing preventing you from trying your hand at an easy individual beef Wellington recipe.

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