Why Celebrities Don’t Make The Best Bakers, According To Prue Leith – Exclusive

Leith adds that the thing that really trips up celebrities is decorating: “If they follow the instructions, the chances are it’s going to taste great. If they’re not trained chefs, they might not quite know how to make it look amazing. It’s more likely to be a bit of a mess on the plate.” This advice applies to everyone, but as Leith points out, “That is particularly true with celebrities.”

During “The Great American Baking Show: Celebrity Holiday,” the celebrities are given some recipes, such as during the technical challenge, while other recipes are brought from home. The show vets the recipes to ensure quality. Leith states, “It is no fun if somebody is humiliated because they’ve produced a recipe that’s not going to work.” No recipe can save celebrities from poor decoration, a skill that takes time to learn, and without the background, the stars can’t pull it off.