Why Andrew Rea Decided To Build A Bed And Babish Vacation Rental – Exclusive – Mashed

Unlike typical vacation rentals, Andrew Rea’s Bed and Babish will offer foodies everything they need to enjoy a culinary-inspired getaway, whether they want to do the actual cooking themselves or just want to eat amazing meals during their stays. The property, which offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms and will be located in the Catskills of New York, is currently in the final stages of construction. Rea plans to open it very soon, though can’t provide an exact date the property will begin accepting reservations.

He gave Mashed a bit of a sneak peek into what guests will be able to expect: “We’re not only going to have a full suite of fresh, sharp, functional tools, but we’re also going to have some a la carte options for having groceries waiting in the fridge; having heat-and-eat meals waiting in the fridge; having local beer, local cheese, things that are reflections of the community, and opportunities for people to grow their culinary skillset or just enjoy some lovely home-cooked meals in the mountains or the woods.”

Andrew Rea’s new cookbook “Basics with Babish” is out now wherever books are sold. Stay up to date on the Bed and Babish project on Instagram.