What Donna Kelce Had To Say About The Viral Travis Kelce Gnocchi Video – Exclusive

So, does Travis Kelce really love gnocchi? Maybe if Donna’s not the one cooking it. Joke or not, there is some truth in the video, though. Macaroni and cheese is one of the foods Travis loves on game day, along with French toast, pizza, steak, barbecue, and gummy bears, to name a few.  

Donna Kelce told TODAY that she does cook macaroni and cheese for her sons, using a variety of different cheeses (but with “the regular noodles,” not the gnocchi. Sorry, Travis). Additionally, Travis has launched a food line via a partnership with Walmart that includes multiple versions of macaroni and cheese. The line, dubbed “Travis Kelce’s Kitchen,” was announced in late 2023 and features a heat-and-eat bacon macaroni and cheese dish, as well as a variation topped with burnt ends (barbecued brisket). The line includes seven dishes, all with a Kansas City-inspired comfort food twist.

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