Wendy’s Pretzel Baconator Review: The Fancy Bun Doesn’t Add Much –

I’m not convinced that the Pretzel Baconator justifies its high price tag and eye-popping nutritional facts. Despite the sky-high sodium content, the beef patties tasted bland and underseasoned. The bacon was cooked to a pleasant shatteringly crisp state, giving the sandwich some much-needed texture, but it, too was perplexingly flavorless. The most assertive elements of the sandwich were, surprisingly, the American cheese and mayonnaise.

The Pretzel Baconator inherits the classic Baconator’s fundamental problem, which is that it’s unbalanced. Without fresh vegetables, getting through all the meat feels like a slog. Fortunately, you can customize your burger by adding lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle, all free of charge; I’d definitely do this if I ordered it again. 

Meanwhile, the pretzel bun, which is this menu item’s entire reason for existing, fades into the background. When I picked off chunks of it to eat on its own, the bread had a pleasant pretzel flavor, but with all the meat and toppings, it may as well have been any other hamburger bun. People who are already Baconator fans will enjoy the pretzel version, but it’s not going to lure me away from my favorite Wendy’s items.