We Tried KFC’s New Mac And Cheese Chicken Wrap, And It Was Surprisingly Basic –

Let’s talk about the fact that this is not the first time KFC has attempted a mac and cheese themed dish. Back in 2019, KFC released a shockingly similar entree: the mac and cheese bowl. At the time, this was a bowl of mac and cheese with popcorn chicken and topped with a three-cheese blend. Sure, it is a slightly different form of fried chicken, but really, all we are missing is the tortilla shell, and this dish would be, for all intents and purposes, indistinguishable from the new wrap. That meal, however, is no longer available.

This wrap is most comparable to the other two wraps, which thankfully are distinct and do not feel too repetitive. KFC has a spicy slaw chicken wrap, which uses Extra Crispy chicken tenders, KFC coleslaw, spicy sauce, and crunchy pickles. There is also the classic chicken wrap, which uses Extra Crispy chicken, creamy mayo, and crunchy pickles. The latter two are more similar to each other than to the mac and cheese wrap, which at least makes this new mac and cheese wrap unique in that setting, if not in the context of other tried and discontinued dishes.