We Tried A TikTok Cheez-It Recipe To See How It Compares To The Real Deal –

There is almost no comparison when it comes to ingredients. That’s because while Cheez-It crackers contain cheese and salt, neither is the first ingredient.

The first ingredient in Cheez-It crackers is flour, followed by oil. Because let’s remember, real Cheez-Its are crackers, not just baked cheese. Cheez-It crackers also contain cheese, salt, paprika, yeast, and soy lecithin. This is noticeably more ingredients than what is required for the copycat versions. It is also worth noting that in all of the TikToks we looked at, none of them specified paprika.

You may be wondering how, with wildly different ingredient lists, the two recipes can turn out the same type of snack. We wondered the same thing. Basic chemistry tells us that the difference in ingredients will result in a different outcome. A true copycat recipe would likely involve flour and other cracker-like ingredients.

Still, we can appreciate that this version of the snack makes a gluten-free version. It also lacks other common allergens, such as soy, which are present in real Cheez-It crackers.