We Tried 11 Store-Bought Carrot Cakes And This Was The Best –

The biggest surprise in our carrot cake challenge comes from Carlo’s, a brand we found at Walmart sold as a boxed third-party cake among the in-house baked goods. The single-slice packaging was deceptive upon first viewing; the triangular plastic case looks like something you’d find a deli sandwich stuffed into. It wasn’t large enough to hold the slice without squishing it, which gave the impression of a low-quality product. How could something packaged like this be worth trying?

Well, not only is Carlo’s carrot cake worth trying, but it blows the others on the list away by a delicious country mile. This makes more sense once you know that Buddy Valastro, owner of Carlo’s Bakery,  is TLC’s original Cake Boss! The deep, rich flavor of the cake was nearly overpowered by the moist texture. Luckily, they helped keep one another in balance. The frosting was cream cheese perfection, doled out generously enough for total satisfaction. 

We thought a bite or two would be enough to make the determination, and to be fair, it was. But it wasn’t enough to make us happy, so we kept eating until the oversized three-tier slice was gone. Then we stared longingly at the empty package and considered heading back to Walmart for another slice, or even the full-sized round. Now we understand why carrot cake was so popular in the ’70s. There’s no question about it. When it comes to store-bought carrot cake, Carlo’s is the best of the bunch.