We Hit Up Taco Bell’s Live Más LIVE Super Bowl Party In Vegas And There’s Some Great Food On The Horizon –

Taco Bell is celebrating a birthday. Mountain Dew Baja Blast is turning 20. To celebrate, Taco Bell is adding a few items to its dessert menu: Baja Blasts Twists, Baja Blast Pie, and Baja Blast Gelato. After tasting all three, we’re here to tell you that the pie and the gelato are the definite winners. While neither will be released until later in the year, once they’re on the menu, you need to try them.

The Baja Blast is a tangy citrus soda created by Mountain Dew specifically for Taco Bell. While this soda has a nice tang, there’s a tropicality to it that makes it totally unique. But it’s the turquoise color that really makes this soda stand out, which is why both the gelato and the pie are that same signature turquoise. Slated for summer, the gelato (which reminded us more of a sherbet than a gelato) will be a refreshing way to beat the heat. 

Out of all three, we were surprised that the pie was far and away our favorite. Reminiscent of a key lime pie, the filling is a thick baja blast curd that’s topped with pillows of whipped cream and lime zest. Our first bite provided a silky texture that was followed by a blast of citrus that we just couldn’t help but devour. Mongomery said the pie won’t be out until Thanksgiving, but we really hope we don’t have to wait that long.