We Compared Alton Brown’s Mac And Cheese Recipe To Ina Garten’s To See Which Chef’s Was The Best –

While macaroni and cheese may seem fairly straightforward, there are some notable differences between recipes. First, Brown’s recipe calls for half as much pasta as Garten’s. However, each recipe makes roughly the same amount of cheese sauce, which makes the pasta-to-cheese ratio significantly different between the two recipes.

Next, both call for a dairy base. While Garten calls for milk (we used whole), Brown’s recipe calls for half-and-half, which offers a creamier texture due to its higher fat content. Next, Brown uses paprika and ground mustard to round out his flavor, whereas Garten uses nutmeg and freshly-ground black pepper.

Both recipes call for butter and bread crumbs for the topping. Brown calls for panko, which add an extra crispy element. Garten calls for fresh breadcrumbs made from white bread. We hope Garten will forgive us, as we used store-bought to save a bit of time. After all, as the Barefoot Contessa herself has told us before, “store-bought is fine.”