Wawa’s Dinner Items Ranked Worst To Best –

Sweet foodie, observe our photo of this burger — do you see how quaint Wawa’s famous Nacho Cheeseburger looks in its to-go box? Indeed, it looks so timid, so docile, so delicious. But then we picked it up and released the beast. The cheese beast. Because while Wawa’s reports its nacho burger’s beef patty is slathered in chipotle sauce, fresh salsa, lettuce, and jalapeno, it neglected to inform innocent eaters that this nachos-turned-burger creation comes with lots and lots and lots of nacho-style cheddar cheese. Dear Lord, the cheese.

When lifting this abysmal creature (nacho burger) from its nesting place (the Wawa’s delivery box) the cheese was already dripping everywhere and the bottom bun was grossly soggy. Then, we angered the burger by biting into it and it staged a counterattack — the cheese exploded everywhere. In our fingers, in our hair, it was horrid.

Not only did the copious amounts of cheese get on everything in a 1-foot radius, but it completely overpowered the burger’s other ingredients. You can indeed taste a bit of salsa and lettuce in this dinner dish and a vague spice-like flavor indicates some jalapeños and a splatter of chipotle sauce lives on the burger’s landscape. It’s the cheese, however, that overpowers everything. So for failing so utterly at its concept and being, quite literally the messiest, most ridiculous burger we’ve ever tried, the Nacho cheeseburger has been slotted as the absolute worst dinner item at Wawa’s.