Two ways to enter the voice interface

Day margin of wisdom coming in a cloud “voice navigation since the initial appearance,Guest Posting we have been looking forward to the finished product, this time to the headquarters of the edge of Huizhou days finally have the opportunity to see the true Yan dedicated machine – Hyatt moving car – test machine , there are some to be the perfect place, but it really made us over an addiction, brought us a lot of surprises. Voice applications truly safe, convenient, and powerful back-office support and cloud technology applications relevant information to obtain more precise.

The Tianyuan this wisdom coming in a cloud navigation shape with the ordinary navigation is not very different, the biggest difference is more than a VOICE voice button, it is also one of the protagonists, press this button will enter the speech recognition interface, navigation, song, search for stocks, check weather, such as Bluetooth operation depends on it.

Safe and convenient and accurate Tianyuan “wisdom coming in a cloud the first road test

In addition to the buttons on theĀ Voice Cloning News steering wheel control buttons of the same functions, driving hand without ever leaving the steering wheel can easily enter the speech recognition interface, which is very pleased with our design. Although the hand from the steering wheel left click the button does not take much time, but directly on the steering wheel to operate its convenience and safety of natural is even higher levels.

With voice operation, the “wisdom coming in the clouds” product provides several instructions to regulate the user’s voice commands, for example, voice navigation, we need to say “start navigation”, and then said, “navigate to the place names “If you need to navigate to the place not in the current city, the first command to switch to a city” needed before the navigation. Just trial when some are not used to, but the days edge handling is very good at this point, the command is not much, only 67, but very easy to understand, such as start, on-demand, search Specific commands and functions will be aggregated in the text.

Safe and convenient and accurate Tianyuan “wisdom coming in a cloud the first road test

Before we understand about these commands, I think to limit some of the language habits of the user, the implementation of the voice commands slightly rigid, but a veteran of the automotive after market exchange, he was praised Tianyuan a very clever approach: standardized command for voice recognition more accurate, rapid, and greatly improve the efficiency of the recognition of the background, but also to prevent some owners Figure fresh just saying that some of the command car machine speech recognition confusion. Words such as sobering, indeed, the semantic recognition have yet to upgrade the environment, this is indeed a good way worthy of recognition.

Into the speech recognition interface, we first tried the voice navigation feature, since it is Huizhou, we have chosen Huizhou West Lake as a destination, the beginning of time because too excited, the pronunciation is not very accurate, and resolved when some deviations.Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality. When we accurately and clearly say “navigate to the Huizhou West Lake” navigate quickly for us to find the destination to start the navigation. Day margin of the person in charge told us that if connected to the network, relative to the body of data alone, the navigation of the search speed and accuracy will be greatly enhanced.