Trader Joe’s Soups Ranked Worst To Best –

The only boxed soup on the list, Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup comes in a lined box similar to shelf-stable milk and juice boxes. This keeps things fresh, if not always flavorful, and allows longer storage before use. If none of that sounds like it would add to the overall experience of a soup, it’s because it doesn’t, although it does make it easy to have a pre-made tomato soup on hand for moments when you don’t feel like running to the store or calling for delivery. It’s passable, but it’s only passable. Don’t you want more than that in a soup? Sure you do.

The organic nature of this soup is fantastic for reassurance purposes, but packaging it in a box sort of pushes it back into the realm of ingredients you might save for making a bigger, bolder soup out of. It’s not terrible flavor-wise; you could easily thin it down with vegetable broth and add chopped vegetables for an Italian soup, or use it as the beginning of a red sauce for a beef and pasta dish. It’s no worse than a canned tomato soup, but other than being organic, it’s really no better either. With so many vibrant tomato soup options in the Trader Joe’s listing, this one is less than mid-level at best.