The Viral Lemon Coffee Trend That Took TikTok By Storm –

Turkish coffee is both strong and smooth, so we didn’t know what to expect. Making Turkish coffee involves boiling powdered coffee grounds in water. While it’s traditional to use a cezve or ibrik to make Turkish coffee, you can make it with a small kitchen pot. You just need your coffee beans ground into a powder finer than you need for espresso. Interestingly enough, this method resulted in some of the best and worst lemon coffee versions.

Adding lemon juice to Turkish coffee is quite possibly the worst thing you can do to it in our opinion. It’s absolutely undrinkable and made us screw up our face in disgust. When we added sugar, it tasted as if we’d added bottled lemon juice. Somehow, oat milk made it even worse. Turkish coffee with lemon juice is the drink you give your enemies. Having no enemies around to foist the drink upon, we poured it straight down the drain.

After such a horror show with the lemon juice version, we weren’t very confident about the lemon peel version. However, it ended up being among the best lemon coffee options. To make it, we added four small pieces of lemon peel with our coffee grounds, brought it to a boil, and let it boil an additional minute. It created one of the best unsweetened lemon coffees, with bite but not much bitterness. Adding sugar improved it. Interestingly, adding oat milk turned it into a delightful dessert drink that we wanted to make again and again.