The Surefire Way To Give Your Brussels Sprouts The Sear They Need – Exclusive

David Rose opts for garlic, bacon, olive oil, salt, and ground pepper and throws that into the oven (before the Brussels sprouts go into the seasoned mixture). “A good cheat is getting that cast iron pan or that sheet pan hot already,” he told . Once that’s all heated, you can toss in the blanched Brussels sprouts for the perfect sear. The television personality explained, “That way, when it hits the pan, it’s getting a nice sear and brown caramelized base on there.”

It’s a simple and surefire way to get the perfect Brussels sprouts every time — you don’t have to pretend to like them if you actually do! If you don’t enjoy Rose’s recommended seasonings, there are 14 other ways to give Brussels sprouts a serious flavor boost and ‘s roasted Brussels sprouts recipe. Sea salt, red pepper flakes, cilantro, basil, and forms of citrus (like lemon) are also great flavoring options.