The Most Common Dish Italian Restaurants Mess Up, According To Chef Joe Isidori –

When restaurant meatballs leave much to be desired, Chef Joe Isidori of Arthur & Sons says a lack of freshness may be to blame, stating, “There’s nothing worse than biting into a meatball that was made days ago.” Because the flavor of cooked meat tends to decline after more than 24 hours in the fridge, when restaurants store meatballs for a few days before serving, that could be reflected in the dish’s flavor. Isidori adds, “At Arthur & Sons, we make our meatballs fresh every morning, cook them for three hours, add sauce, and serve throughout the day.”

Even if your favorite local Italian restaurant pan-fries its meatballs and makes them fresh every day, Chef Isidori says they still might not live up to your nonna’s meatballs if they haven’t got one specific ingredient — ricotta cheese. “The key to achieving light and tender meatballs is incorporating soft ricotta, which helps keep them moist and flavorful,” Isidori says. “That’s precisely why when you come across a place that gets meatballs right, it quickly becomes your go-to spot for Italian cuisine.”