The Misconceptions Sammi Tarantino Wants You To Know About Hell’s Kitchen – Exclusive

Naturally, we had to ask Chef Tarantino what the most difficult aspect of competing on “Hell’s Kitchen” was. “All of the punishments, and just being around so many people was overwhelming,” she told . She dreaded the blind taste test — “I felt like my taste buds were just like non-existent,” — and it wasn’t always easy to get along with the competition. Dealing with disgruntled coworkers can be difficult enough in ordinary circumstances, but in a high-stakes environment like “Hell’s Kitchen,” it can be, well, hell. Most importantly, Tarantino wants viewers to know that what they see on screen is only a fraction of what the chefs endured in a typical day.

“I feel like a lot of people don’t realize that one episode is one full day,” says Tarantino. “We don’t take a break at all; it’s just go-time for three weeks straight … You’re just mentally and physically defeated at the end of the day sometimes.” Aside from dealing with exhaustion from the grueling filming schedule, she explains that core elements of her journey were occasionally left out. “I thought I definitely was doing a little bit more on the Red Team than they showed,” she tells . Another interesting detail is that the “Hell’s Kitchen” cameras tended to skip over dorm life — so you may not have noticed Tarantino’s budding friendships with her fellow chefs, like Donya Taylor.