The Homemade Gift Martha Stewart Brings To The Table For Thanksgiving – Exclusive

So how does Stewart decide who gets which Thanksgiving pie? “I give a choice,” she says. “They can have pumpkin, they can have apple, they can have mince, they can have pecan, or they can have lemon meringue if they want.” She qualifies, “That’s harder because you have to make them the same day.” Each employee on her property picks their flavor, and they get to take it home with them to grace their Thanksgiving tables. It’s hard to think of a better centerpiece than a homemade pie from Martha Stewart.

To accomplish this magnificent feat, Stewart becomes a one-woman pie factory. “I bought myself a sheeter, where you roll the dough out. I make all my pate brisees ahead of time, and then I roll them out the day before.” With the dough ready to go, Stewart then fires up her ovens in preparation for over two dozen pies. “I have big ovens, and I can do it,” she says.

Even with specialty equipment, this is still a big undertaking. “It’s not so hard, although I just remembered — last year, I said I was never going to do it again. I’ll probably do it again.”

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