The Celebs On Great American Baking Show’s Holiday Special Seriously Wowed Zach Cherry – Exclusive –

Cherry noted that, yes, the celebrity bakers that appear on “The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Special” aren’t really bakers. Some come in with no baking knowledge whatsoever while others consider themselves fair home bakers. In the 2023 holiday special, most of the celebrities are comedians. Whether or not they can bake, they definitely know how to laugh. That all adds up to what Cherry called a “chaotic energy” and it was that energy that seriously wowed him while hosting.

Cherry said, “My initial impression was that they were a lot of fun and they also were … I was surprised at how energetic they were. They had just flown over. I was exhausted having come across an ocean to get there. We get up early to start the show. We’re in a tent — it can get hot in there — but they were just like, ‘Go, go, go!’ They may have been the first group to sprint into the tent. Traditionally, the contestants walk slowly and calmly to get into the tent and [this group], as soon as they were allowed, sprinted there. I was really blown away by the energy.”

“The Great American Baking Show: Celebrity Holiday” is available to stream for free on The Roku Channel.