The Bros Taste-Tested 12 Bugs – Here’s What They Had To Say About It –

You compared grasshoppers to cereal and Cheetos. Could they have benefitted from a dairy like milk or cheese?

Scott: Only in the sense that I could potentially take them like pills. Nothing was gonna help mask that flavor. They were like cereal and Cheetos only in a texture sense, you know? The flavor was more like … if you put a cow on a steady diet of stale Cheetos, let it pass through its system, gave it a week to dry out, and then I ate it. Milk ain’t helping that.

Brian: All bugs, every one, could have benefited from actual food being added in. I would’ve loved some cheese during this process. Milk would’ve been admittedly weird but I’m positive it would’ve been an improvement.

Did the crickets improve the chocolate at all or were you just happy to get a sweet treat?

Scott: The crickets inside the chocolate had almost no flavor, they just added a bit of crunch. It just tasted like a Crunch Bar — no offense to Crunch Bars. But my opinion may have been a bit skewed. If you make a guy eat bugs all day and then you give him literally anything else, he’s gonna be pretty excited. I probably would have given a shoe sole five stars at that point.

Brian: You couldn’t really taste them … 100% just happy to get something that didn’t taste like dirt. They really just tasted like chocolate, which was a-okay with me. Of all of [the insects we tasted], that’s the one I’d have again — maybe that’s obvious — otherwise, we can burn this challenge to the ground.