The Bros Ranked 21 Chicken Sandwiches In A Day And Somehow Survived –

In between the best of the best and the worst of the worst, the Bros found plenty of so-so sandwiches. Surprisingly, the Popeyes ‘wich that launched the chicken sandwich wars only rated a C, while Chick-fil-A’s sandwich rated a B. Then again, so did Jack-in-the-Box’s, despite the fact that one of the chain’s employees called the police when they saw the Bros filming their video. Luckily, the situation ended amicably since, as Scott admitted, “It’s hard to run from the cops when you have like 13 sandwiches in your body.”

No matter the quality of the sandwiches, it was the sheer quantity that got to the Bros in the end — and yes, you could take that word two ways. As Brian says of the experience, “The grease of all those sandwiches made you feel like the half-dead triceratops in ‘Jurassic Park,'” so it’s likely that digestive upsets ensued. Scott notes that it wasn’t just the Bros’ digestive systems that were impacted, however. They stopped to check their blood pressure in the midst of this sandwich spree and, as he reports, “It wasn’t good. It was real bad, actually. It was like a ‘Super Size Me’ lightning round.” His advice to anyone looking to conduct a similar eating experiment: “I’d say consult 10 doctors before trying this. I’m pretty sure 10/10 will say that it is … unwise.”