The 12 Best Cooking Tips Celebrity Chefs Shared With In 2023 –

Though it traces its origins back to China, ramen holds a revered place in Japanese cuisine. Characterized by its yellow noodles with a distinctive springy texture, ramen is known for its quintessential flavors manifest in various types of soup bases and noodles, including Shoyu, Miso, Tonkotsu, Ramyeon, and the ubiquitous Instant ramen. Yet, despite the worldwide popularity of the latter, famous Japanese Chef Masaharu Morimoto talks in an exclusive interview with about the art of ramen noodle-making and imparts a crucial tip for those venturing into the realm of homemade ramen.

According to Chef Morimoto, allowing the noodle dough to rest before cutting is essential in the delicate process of noodle preparation, highlighting the significance of patience and gluten formation. As explained in the chef’s own words, “It is important for home cooks to let the noodle dough rest before cutting so that gluten can form and give the ramen the springy texture and chewiness it is known for.”