Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Kit Vs The Restaurant Version: Which Is Better? –

To be perfectly clear, the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme Meal Kit does not include any toppings or protein in the box, so there is no comparison to be made here. However, we should briefly discuss the toppings Taco Bell uses and what you can expect when trying to substitute them with grocery store items. To make a classic Crunchwrap, add 90% lean ground beef, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and light sour cream. That’s what we did, and the flavors and textures were virtually indiscernible from the restaurant version. But that’s probably because Taco Bell is usually pretty stingy with the vegetables.

The nice part about a DIY Crunchwrap is that you can experiment with the portions. We went extra generous with the lettuce and tomato to amp up that textural blend. The instructions also encourage you to get creative and add whatever proteins and toppings you like. We built a classic Crunchwrap for comparison’s sake, but who knows? Maybe an even more delicious topping and protein combination exists.

Regarding the quality difference between store-bought groceries and Taco Bell’s restaurant ingredients, you will almost certainly get fresher and more natural ingredients from a grocery store. Yes, this depends on factors like your location and the time of year, but Taco Bell doesn’t set the bar very high to begin with. Considering that Taco Bell’s ground beef has come under fire several times in recent years, you will likely have a higher-quality protein when using this meal kit.