Taco Bell Breakfast Tots Review: A Tasty Start To The Day –

Taco Bell has a fascinating history with potato tots. Years ago, Taco Bell did have potato tots on its menu and called them “Mexi-nuggets” or “Border Fries,” depending on the location. The now-discontinued item featured crunchy potato tots coated in Mexican seasoning and could be ordered with a side of Nacho Cheese sauce for dipping. Who knew Taco Bell had once experimented with potato tots on the menu? Well, apparently, many people did, as a Change.org petition was created to bring back the Mexi-nuggets. From what it sounds like, these potato tots were pretty darn tasty and life-changing. So maybe the Breakfast Tots are Taco Bell’s way of testing the waters again.

As far as what the Breakfast Tots most closely resemble on the current Taco Bell menu, the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes are it, featuring crispy seasoned potato bites topped with creamy sour cream and oeey, gooey Nacho cheese sauce. However, that may be a stretch because we all know that potato tots are not the same as seasoned potato chunks, but either way, they both feature potatoes.