Sonic’s Peanut Butter Bacon Shake Review: It’s Pretty Good, But Needs More Pork –

If I just close my eyes and pretend that I never read the nutrition info for Sonic milkshakes, I can heartily recommend that you sample the Peanut Butter Bacon Shake. Sonic’s soft serve is top-tier fast food ice cream. It may not be quite as good as what’s served by Dairy Queen or Culver’s, but it’s much better than soft serve from McDonald’s or any other burger place. It actually tastes like milk and it’s not horrifyingly sweet. Sonic soft serve is also perfectly creamy, and my milkshake came without an ice crystal in sight.

In terms of the mix-ins, the peanut butter dominates the proceedings, and it tastes great. However, the bacon is pulverized into such tiny granules that it doesn’t make much of an impression. You get a hint of meaty, smoky savoriness that pairs well with the peanut butter, but I would have liked Sonic to have the courage of its convictions and lean into the bacon element a bit more. The flavor combination works; the shake would be even better if there were bigger pieces of bacon that still retained some crispiness and gave you intense pops of porky deliciousness. Also, the maraschino cherry on top can go die in a fire — I’m skeptical of them at the best of times, and the cherry really doesn’t go with the bacon at all. Fortunately, it’s easy to fish it out and throw it over a cliff before you enjoy the shake.