Sonic Pulled Pork BBQ Cheeseburger And Sandwich Review: Solid, Cost-Conscious ‘Cue –

Sadly, I wasn’t able to experience the Pulled Pork Cheeseburger as Sonic intended, because my local Sonic forgot a couple of the components. Most tragically, it was missing the cheese, making it a Pulled Pork BBQ Hamburger. The pickles were also absent from the example I received. I did order this on the first day of app-only availability, so perhaps the cooks were still working out the kinks.

Without these two ingredients, this was an incredibly dry sandwich despite the generous serving of barbecue sauce. The beef patty was well-browned and savory, but it was so well done that the inside was completely devoid of moisture. The pork, while tasty, was also a bit dry. The bun was pleasant enough, but to call it brioche is a bit of a stretch — it was more like a potato bun or sweet challah. A French baker would weep if you presented this bread to them as brioche.

Even if I received a complete version of this burger with all the correct toppings, I think I still would have like liked it less than the regular pulled pork sandwich. The burger patty just didn’t add anything special and distracted from the pulled pork, which should be the star of the show.