Sherry Is Your Best Bet For A Low-ABV Apple Cider, According To Experts –

Pourzanjani went on to explain, “The oxidation that occurs in the process of making Amontillado also adds some of those ripe fruit flavors that I love as well, making for a really luscious and round cocktail.” Even richer and more fragrant than Amontillado sherry is the Oloroso variety, which Suzanne DeStio, sommelier and beverage director of One White Street‌, told “could be interesting” in a spiked cider. Alternatively, she suggests a pale cream sherry, which is made by combining a darker Oloroso sherry with one of the sweeter varieties, like Pedro Ximénez, for a thicker, sweeter sip.

If you want to play down the wine flavor and turn up the aromatics, Max Green, bar director at Point Seven, told that not only sherry but also vermouth can work well in cider. Another fortified wine, vermouth is heavily infused with botanicals, and according to Green, “All of the baking spice and savory notes we love are often built into the tasting notes.”