Richard Blais’ Tip For Buying Caviar – Exclusive

Technically, salmon eggs shouldn’t even be called caviar. Generally, fish eggs are referred to as “roe,” and only the eggs of a certain type of sturgeon can be called true caviar.

Salmon roe can easily be distinguished from caviar by color; The former is bright orange, while the latter is black. In addition to the fishiness noted by Blais, salmon roe tends to be quite salty. On the other hand, Sturgeon caviar has a more nuanced, rich taste and a softer texture. While salmon roe’s eye-catching looks enhance the visual aspects of dishes, it will never be a substitute for real caviar. Still, it does have one major advantage over sturgeon eggs — price. Salmon roe is much cheaper than true caviar, which may be a big factor in explaining its popularity.

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