Red Bull Pear Cinnamon Review –

There’s little difference between the ingredients for Red Bull Pear Cinnamon and the ingredients in the company’s other flavors. The contents of the can are a bubbly brew of caffeine, Taurine, Vitamin B6 and B12, sugar, carbonated water, natural and artificial flavors (the food and beverage world’s sneaky way of keeping its more specific taste-making elements a secret). You may taste the rich sweetness of pear seasoned with the warmth of cinnamon, but who knows what your taste buds are really receiving. Since there’s no mention of real juice or actual spices, maybe you’re better off not knowing. It is an energy drink you’re slugging back, after all, not a fresh-squeezed something-or-other from a luxury juice bar.

There’s something refreshing about an energy drink that doesn’t aim too high by suddenly including unusual additions to its recipe. The desperation of including real fruit juice to a beverage that doesn’t use it ordinarily would feel like a sad cry for health legitimacy. Thankfully, Red Bull keeps it real and travels its set path to give its customers an allowable twist on a product they already know and love without getting weird about it.