Prue Leith’s Favorite Holiday Bake Is A Deliciously Easy French Treat – Exclusive –

Leith has spoken in the past about her love of the dessert and even has her recipe available online. “It’s so delicious and it looks good,” she told us. As a bonus, “It’s easy to do. It’s fairly quick.” Leith does add a special ingredient to her Normandy tart, ” I always put some brandy in it. I put booze in almost everything.” Adding brandy to the Normandy tart adds a whole new flavor dimension. The sweet yet acidic nature of brandy works to enhance the natural flavors, and bring a new aroma to the dessert.

For serving, “It’s great with a dollop of ice cream for a dessert,” says Leith. But why wait for dessert, especially around the holidays? Leith recommends “a little slice for tea. Eat it with a fork and it’s a very festive sort of thing.”

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