Poll Uncovers Fans’ Favorite Brand Of Bread –

It seems that Nature’s Own bread is a league above the rest in the eyes of most of the folks polled. Even so, the other brands listed have their fair share of fans, as well, as do some brands that weren’t listed at all. The second place award goes to the classic Wonder Bread with 22%. Dave’s Killer Bread raked in 18% of the vote — as well as many praises in the comment section. It was closely followed by Sara Lee at 17% and Pepperidge Farm in last place with 15%. 

The comments also included shoutouts to Orowheat, Aunt Millie’s, Sunbeam, and more. And, in the words of one DIY-loving commenter, the best bread out there is “the loaf I bake myself. Super easy and a fraction [of] what I pay at the store.” Ultimately, when you’re looking for the best bread, to each their (nature’s) own.