Pizza Hut Make It Pepperoni And Everything Pizza Seasoning Review: They’re Spicy Novelties –

Make It Pepperoni was my least favorite of the duo. It smelled promising; while the scent didn’t remind me much of pepperoni, its combination of paprika, garlic, onion, sugar, and herbs reminded me of sweet Italian sausage. I’m not sure what the exact blend of ingredients is, as many of the seasonings are listed on the label as the ever-mysterious “spices,” but I’d swear there’s fennel in the mix, which adds to the Italian sausage vibe.

While the smell was pretty promising, the taste was confusing. The first sensation on the tongue was sweetness, followed by a Dorito-like savoriness. It certainly didn’t make my cheese pizza taste like pepperoni, which is what I was hoping for. Pizza Hut advises using it on foods like vegetables, popcorn, and pasta, but I don’t think it would work well on any of those. After eating an entire slice of pizza doused in this seasoning, I realized what it tasted like — a barbecue spice rub. Make It Pepperoni’s blend of sugar with spices like paprika and ground mustard is common in barbecue rubs. I would be interested to try this seasoning on ribs or pulled pork, but I wouldn’t want to use it for much else.