Peeps 2024 Easter Lineup Review: More Or Less What You’d Expect From The Marshmallow Confection –

What’s in the Peeps 2024 Easter lineup? Sugar … and that’s it! We kid, of course, because there’s also corn syrup and gelatin. All joking aside, it’s sort of incredible to consider what’s in the new Peeps (and how little variation appears to exist between them). After all, outside of the S’Mores Peeps Delights variety — which contains a layer of chocolate on the bottom — the three previously mentioned ingredients comprise 99.5% of the Peeps Easter flavors.

Now, to be fair, there are slight differences to be found beyond those core ingredients — though they won’t inspire much confidence among whole food proponents. A glance at the ingredient list for the various flavors indicates the only tangible distinction is the type of numbered color dye used. The Sour Strawberry flavor has Red #40, Icee Blue Raspberry has Blue #1, and the Rice Krispies Treats has Yellow #5 and #6. Additionally, the S’Mores Delights contains Yellow #5, Yellow #6, and Blue #1 (plus the chocolate-centric ingredients absent in the other Peeps flavors).

Furthermore, neither of the two co-branded Peeps contains the actual item named in the flavor. In other words, don’t expect to find any Rice Krispies Treats chunks enmeshed inside the candy’s spongy marshmallow body. Similarly, there aren’t any blue raspberries to be found in the making of the Icee Blue Raspberry flavored Peeps (largely because there’s no such thing as a blue raspberry).