Party Shirt’s In-N-Out Hamburger Hack Ditches The Buns – Exclusive –

Substituting In-N-Out hamburger buns for a different ingredient isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Customers have been documented ordering tomatoes as buns and lettuce as buns. The food combinations go on and on. But onions? Now that’s an interesting hack. Xavier Di Petta of the Party Shirt duo said, “This is the only time where I’ve tried one of these substitution things and it’s significantly better than the original, which shocked me.”

All you have to do is order the Flying Dutchman with whole grilled onions on the top and bottom — and voila! You have an out-of-the-box and hopefully delicious meal. Make sure to grab some animal-style fries and a milkshake too. Trust us, you won’t regret it. If you’re a big In-N-Out fan looking to change up your order, then you should also check out the secret menu items that you need to try.