Owen Han’s Genius Tip For The Best Chicken Sandwich Of Your Life – Exclusive

If this technique sounds familiar, it is because it is often utilized when frying other proteins. “That’s actually a technique I’ve noticed that people do when they fry fish. To get extra crispy beer-battered fish,” says Han. He was able to take this technique and utilize it to improve the chicken sandwich.

Of course, Han also came in with his opinion on the breast versus thigh debate. For him, the breast was the overall winner. “For me, the chicken breast, it just covered the surface area of the bun more completely, and it gave it … It was thicker, more … not juicier, but it has more surface area, so more crunch available,” he says. “Overall, it gave it a more chicken bite just because there’s more meat as opposed to the thigh.” He does acknowledge, though, that the thigh offered more surface area to hold crispy coating, so if that is your objective, using a thigh might be advantageous. Han’s drip technique with a chicken breast will give you the best of both worlds: a thick chicken base and a delectable crunchy coating. 

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