Olive Garden Side Dishes Ranked Worst To Best –

You may know the pasta e fagioli soup as one of Olive’s Garden’s most challenging menu items to pronounce (it’s “fa-JOLE-ee” by the way), but you may also know it as a pretty solid soup offering. Its name translates to pasta and beans. Its core flavors are white and red beans, ground beef, fresh tomatoes, and tubetti pasta in a savory broth. And, like all food at Olive Garden, it is best served with a small mountain of shredded cheese on top.

Between the ingredients list and the beef broth base, pasta e fagioli brings the heartiness and robust flavors of homemade chili — only with Italian ingredients and seasoning. The rich and hearty tomato broth warms the soul, especially when Olive Garden has the air conditioning cranked up way too high. Don’t worry. The soups are typically served steaming hot.

But while the flavors are generally well-balanced, you’ll get way more beans and noodles per spoonful than ground beef or carrots. The meat is ground to mince, consequently taking the backseat in this dish. And once again, we have julienned carrots that just kind of feel out of place. Olive Garden, if you’re listening, some nice carrot medallions would help this soup match the irresistibly chunky minestrone soup in the texture factor. As is, the pasta e fagioli soup is a respectably tasty side option, but there are still other soups we like better.