Mom’s Spaghetti Pasta Sauce Review: A Painfully Ordinary Addition To Pasta –

Mom’s Spaghetti keeps the ingredients simple and low-key. According to the card that accompanied our package, this is the same sauce the company has been making since the first pop-up opened in 2017.

The ingredients include tomato puree, tomato paste, water, onions, sugar, garlic, carrots, canola oil, spices, salt, and red wine vinegar. The jar immediately lets you know that this pasta sauce is not trying to create an authentic Italian sauce. Instead, the goal is to create homestyle Detroit pasta sauce. This is not supposed to be a fancy, expensive sauce made with extravagant ingredients. Quite the contrary, the only fresh ingredients in this sauce seem to be the onions, carrots, and maybe the garlic. In a way, it makes you wonder why you aren’t just making the sauce yourself, but we all love an easy-to-grab jarred sauce.

The jar recommends pairing the sauce with pre-cooked leftover spaghetti, heating everything in a pan, and serving with a side of Texas garlic toast. Just the way mother used to make it.