McDonald’s Is Raising Its Burger Game And We Have All The Juicy Details –

The only part of the Best Burgers changeover that’s seeing an actual ingredient change is the burger buns, and in a side-by-side comparison, it’s clear that the buns have been adjusted. Both the regular buns and the Big Mac buns have a shinier finish and a slightly deeper golden color. McDonald’s claims that the newer buns are more “pillowy soft” than they were before, and they certainly appear to be fluffier, with a noticeable amount of height and springiness.

During assembly, the buns first make their way through a rolling conveyor for a very light toasting. This helps keep the buns from getting soggy with the addition of sauces and juices from the burger patty. Then each of the buns is laid out on the counter (or built directly in the burger box, in the case of the Big Mac), and assembled to order.

A quick comparison of the ingredients list of the current Big Mac buns, and for the buns in 2013 shows just how far the buns have come. The main ingredients are still the same, including enriched flour, water, sugar, yeast, and soybean oil. But the lesser ingredients include fewer stabilizers, preservatives, and dough conditioners than before. While the newer buns were designed to be more appealing, there are some who aren’t totally sold on the upgrade. There’s even a petition on for McDonald’s to bring back the last buns.