McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Vs Burger King’s Big Fish Sandwich: Which Is Better? –

Both of the fish sandwiches from McDonald’s and Burger King come with a few toppings each, but I didn’t realize that they’d be quite as different as they are. The Big Fish sandwich from Burger King is dressed with tartar sauce on both the top and bottom buns, pickles, and lettuce. McDonald’s went in a slightly different direction with the Filet-O-Fish, adding only tartar sauce and half a slice of American cheese to each sandwich.

When I opened the Filet-O-Fish to look at all the ingredients, I was a little shocked. Not by the fact that there was cheese on the sandwich (I’d eat cheese on just about anything), but because there’s only half a slice of cheese, which wasn’t even really centered on the bun. After double-checking the menu to make sure that my restaurant wasn’t just experiencing an American cheese shortage, I couldn’t help but think that the sandwich seemed under-dressed — and, frankly, a little cheap.

With that said, both sandwiches come with customizable options, including an extra half slice of cheese for the Filet-O-Fish, as well as bacon, pickles, lettuce, and tomato, all available for an additional charge. On the Big King sandwich, you can add cheese, bacon, onion, and tomato. Both restaurants also offer additional sauces, like ketchup, mustard, mayo, and BBQ sauce, for no extra charge. So technically, you can dress your sandwich up or down however you like it at either restaurant if you’re willing to pay for it.