McCormick’s 2024 Flavor Of The Year Tamarind And Pasilla Chile Seasoning Review: A Subtly Delightful Spice Blend Worthy Of Celebration –

Right off the bat, you’re likely already aware of two of the main ingredients found in the Tamarind and Pasilla Chile seasoning blend. After all, tamarind and pasilla chile peppers are indeed prominently listed among the actual ingredients. To be perfectly precise, though, this Flavor Inspirations blend includes extractives of tamarind — with a bevy of additional spices and seasonings rounding out the batch.

In addition to pasilla chile peppers, McCormick’s 2024 Flavor of the Year-inspired seasoning blend includes paprika, coriander seed, salt, brown sugar, onion, garlic, and sugar (citric acid is listed, as well). With so many additional components, the visual composition of McCormick’s Tamarind and Pasilla Chile seasoning is more reminiscent of a hand-mixed dry rub than a pre-made mixture purchased online — which appears to be exactly what McCormick was aiming for when crafting the celebratory blend’s recipe.

As a limited-time spice mixture, it seems clear McCormick hoped its small batch-created seasoning blend would stand out from the crowd of generic spice blends sold at grocery stores across the nation. Given the wide range of complementary ingredients contained in the Tamarind and Pasilla Chile blend alongside the namesake items, we’d have to say the company achieved that goal.