Matthew McConaughey’s Pantalones Tequila Review: It Tastes Alright, Alright, Alright –

Even though we received a complimentary bottle of Matthew McConaughey’s Pantalones blanco tequila to sample for this review, we weren’t beholden to provide a positive assessment if the product was a dud. Thankfully, after a single sip of this incredibly smooth tequila, we morphed into a modern version of McConaughey’s legendary “Dazed and Confused” character Wooderson — and felt “alright, alright, alright.”

No matter the process of ingestion (casually sipped, taken a shot, or mixed in a cocktail), drinking this tequila was a stunningly delightful experience. The subtle lime flavor was notable with or without the actual fruit’s presence — though we’d say the incorporation of a simple lime or lemon wedge only enhanced the liquor’s inherent qualities. Additionally, unlike cheaper (or non-organic) brands of tequila, there was little to no kickback when taking a sip of Pantalones’ blanco tequila, which was more than welcome (though slightly dangerous, given it ups the chances of swift inebriation). Simply put, McConaughey’s Pantalones tequila is a fantastic tasting and wonderfully low-key liquor. No matter how we drank it, it was comparable to an expensive, top-shelf tequila — which we’d imagine was the company’s precise goal with its release.