Martha Stewart’s 2 Essential Ingredients Are So Boring, But Her Reason Is So Martha – Exclusive

Stewart’s attention to quality is reflected in the contents of her refrigerator. She explains, “I have a very simple refrigerator, because I make everything from scratch.” When you make everything from scratch, it is essential to ensure every ingredient meets strict quality standards. 

There is at least one exception to Stewart’s simple homemade kitchen, and that is for Pure Leaf tea. Stewart recently partnered with the company to promote their bottled tea. Stewart is known for enjoying a great glass of tea and does not suffer low-quality or bagged options. We asked Stewart about the tea, and she admitted it may seem out of character. “[It] is an odd thing for me to be talking about Pure Leaf because I don’t have to make it, but it’s delicious.” She states that while she makes almost everything herself, “If it’s delicious, it can have a place in my refrigerator.” 

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