Kit Kat Vs Walmart’s Great Value Milk Chocolate Crispy Wafer Bar – Which Is Better?

Before we get into the bars themselves, for purposes of science and, most importantly, savings, it is our sworn duty to examine exactly how good a deal you’re getting if you opt out of a Kit Kat and swing for a ​​Great Value Milk Chocolate Crispy Wafers Bar — though keep in mind the prices may vary by region.

While Kit Kats are available in a multitude of sizes from individual to king size form, Walmart’s wafer bar can only be bought as an individually wrapped solo act, a pack of six individually wrapped candy baddies, or in ultimate king size form. But while Great Value has fewer candy size options than the Kit Kat brand, those fewer variations are also far cheaper than their Kit Kat counterparts.

An individual Kit Kat is priced at around $1.32, whereas an individual Great Value bar goes for $.78. You could also opt to buy the equivalent of 6 full-size Kit Kats by snagging a half-dozen Great Value bars at a price point of $2.98 — which, while inconvenient for grab and go snacking, is the better deal. And while a king size Kit Kat costs $2.28, the Great Value bar costs $1.34. So, in terms of price, Great Value’s milk chocolate wafer bar is the clear victor –– as it very well should be.