KFC Smash’d Potato Bowls Review: The Nacho Cheese Sauce Is Disappointing –

When you order a Smash’d Potato Bowl at KFC without the nuggets, you’ll be ordering a meal with 590 calories. Upgrade to a Smashed Potato Bowl With Nuggets, and you’ll be enjoying a menu item with 760 calories. The Smash’d Potato Bowl With Nuggets Combo adds a drink and brings the calorie count up between 820 and 1,110 calories, depending on which drink you order. Choosing a Mountain Dew or Sweet Tea as your beverage at 280 calories each would be more calorific than if you ordered Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning at 160 calories.

KFC currently doesn’t list the new Smash’d Potato Bowls on its nutrition menu. Based on what we experienced with our taste buds and the fact that the bowls have added salty fries, salty cheese sauce, and salty bacon, we’re betting that the sodium count is far higher than the 2,160 milligrams of sodium you find in a KFC Famous Bowl. Those ingredients are likely to bring the fat content much higher than the Famous Bowl’s 23 grams of fat, too. The sodium and fat content in the Famous Bowl is the real reason you should never order one, especially since the American Heart Association suggests that an adult should aim to consume about 1,500 milligrams of sodium each day. So, if you have medical conditions that might have you heading to the emergency room after such a high-salt meal, you might think twice about trying one of these bowls.