KFC Honey BBQ Chicken And Spicy Mac & Cheese Wraps Review: A Satisfying Snack At A Great Price –

Are KFC’s snack wrap options good enough to earn them the title of best fast food snack wrap? Only time will tell, but for now, I can say with confidence that they’re a satisfying snack at a great deal. At first glance, they seemed a little small, but once eaten, two were plenty to fill me up. The $5 price tag felt like a deal I couldn’t walk away from, and the combo meal felt like a reasonable upgrade. 

Like other reviewers, I thought the Mac & Cheese wrap was fine, but a little lackluster. The addition of hot sauce added just enough complexity to make the spicy version pop. Likewise, the addition of the Honey BBQ sauce to the classic wrap made it substantially more interesting and enjoyable to eat, although I would have liked to add even more to it with some regular coleslaw — or even some mashed potatoes. Ultimately, you’re getting a baseline snack with these wraps, but they’re warm and crunchy, and the fried chicken is exactly what you’d expect if you’re already a KFC fan.