How Working With Gordon Ramsay Changed Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 Finalist Johnathan Benvenuti’s Life – Exclusive

When asked what Gordon Ramsay is really like behind the scenes of “Hell’s Kitchen,” Benvenuti had plenty to say. “Working with Gordon Ramsay has changed my life, and he teaches you so much about professionalism and being a young chef. In a way, you almost feel like when you get to spend some time with him, you progress a little bit as a person and as a chef, and it was really special.” The show’s runner-up said that Ramsay was just as helpful when the cameras stopped rolling, taking time to guide each contestant he came into contact with. 

Though Gordon Ramsay’s insults on the show are the stuff of legend, the “Hell’s Kitchen” host is more likely to teach than taunt. This was especially true toward the end of the competition on Season 22, as the chef worked more closely with the remaining contestants. “He came over and showed me how to sear some steaks and go back and forth with the pans, and that was a special moment,” said Benvenuti. “He tells you to stand up straight and how to carry yourself in front of his judges, and those are things that you can’t put a price tag on … watching the way he carries himself is contagious.”